A Massive number of Paramilitary forces troops movement in J&K


Large Troop Movement in Jammu Kashmir

June 7, 2021: A massive number of paramilitary forces have arrived in Jammu and Kashmir.

As per a news report published by NDTV, Most of these paramilitary troopers are being deployed in north Kashmir and parts of Jammu region.

The massive troop build-up has led some local leaders to raise concerns as this is for the first time Jammu Kashmir is seeing such a build-up since August 2019, when special status to the state was scrapped and it was divided into two Union Territories.

Officials, as per the report have maintained that there is no truth in rumours of the troop movement as a prelude to some big development. The troops arriving in the Union Territory are those who went for election duty to West Bengal and other states, a senior police officer said.

“These troops are returning from states where elections were held recently. They are being re-inducted. It’s not new deployment,” Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar said.

Officials have said some 200 companies of paramilitary forces from Jammu Kashmir were sent to states for assembly elections, mostly to West Bengal. Fifty companies returned a month ago, and the rest are coming back now and being redeployed. (The Awam News)


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