A Teacher has become inspiration to people for providing meals to Covid-19 patients


Govt school teacher serves Covid-19 patients in Kulgam district

Srinagar: A government school teacher in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district has become an inspiration to people as he is at the forefront of providing meals to Covid-19 patients lodged in various hospitals and quarantine centres in the district.

Manzoor Laway, posted at Government Primary School, Galwanpora in Kulgam reaches out to the people in need of meals at the quarantine centers and hospitals without boasting.

“So far I have provided meals to at least 300 people in various quarantine centers. I was engaged at four different quarantine centres where I was serving pre-dawn (sehri) and post dawn (iftaar) meals to Covid positive patients during the holy month of Ramazan,” he told reporters.

Besides, the unsung hero also reaches out to people with requests to avoid social gatherings, use face masks and wash hands frequently. “I even installed a public address system on my personal vehicle for this purpose. The administration asked me to make frequent announcements in Red zones to sensitise people to honour the government advisories,” Laway said.

Through his friends, he has also made available soaps, sanitizers and masks in local masjids. “I have also hired a lab technician who accompanies me to take samples of the Covid patients and have offered my house to the administration to make it a quarantine centre if needed,” he said.

“Last year I didn’t even see my family for almost four months during the Covid crisis as I remained busy serving the patients in the district,” Laway, whose Covid tests have returned negative 15 times since last year, said.

“Serving humans and humanity is the biggest aim of my life. I feel content in doing so. This gives me peace and comfort,” he concluded. (The Awam News)


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