Advocate Deepika Singh Rajawat To Join Congress On October 10


Deepika Singh Rajawat, a renowned lawyer and social activist, has secured entry into the Congress. Deepika Manorama from Jammu and Kashmir has confirmed to The Awam News that she will officially join the Congress on October 10, 2021.

Deepika is adamant that only the Congress can bring this country back from the divisive forces. She said that she was inspired to join the Congress along with Rahul and Sonia Gandhi by KC Venugopal, who is currently working under the central leadership from Kerala. I am joining the Congress. I joined the Congress with the aim of bringing my country back. Political entry is not for power or power.

I have a passion for strengthening the country and the people. I have to contribute something on my part for the country. I am very happy and satisfied as a lawyer. But the country has been reeling under BJP rule since 2014. They are destroying the country. They are trying to divide the country. They are giving a bad message about our country to the whole world.

I must bring back my great country out of it all. It needs political backing. That is why such a decision is being taken now. The Congress is a very special party. The Congress is a party that firmly believes in the ideal of keeping the country united. There are different types of people in this country. Do not classify anyone here in the name of religion.

People are all one, be they Hindus, Muslims or Christians. I believe that only the Congress has the capacity to keep this country united. All the senior leaders are giving a very good response about my congressional entry. Senior leaders like Rahulji and Soniaji have been very supportive.


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