Assembly President, Rajouri Azhar welcomed new Members into Youth Congress


Azhar welcomed new members into Youth Congress…

Rajouri:- 1Assembly President Rajouri Azhar today welcomed a handful of youth into Youth congress fold by garlanding them at his office.

Many youth who are fed up with present working of Govt and administration, rising fuel prices and unemployment, today joined hands with Youth Congress to bring in a change in the political diacourse.

While welcoming them, Azhar said to news agency The Awam News, that people all over the country are fed up of this govt and are looking for the change and the only other option right now is Congress. He welcomed the new youth and requested them to work on the ground level to make party foothold strong in every booth.

Prominent among those who joined Youth Congress include Mohd Shabab Malik, Rayees Malik, Ali Haydher Mughal, Matab, Mohd Shazad, Tanveer, Adil Khan and Amir Malik.(The Awam News)


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