COVID 19 Leads to the Financial Crises in India


Indian Economy is one of the fastest growing economy in this decade, world’s developed economies looking on us as we provide them best market. But GDP downfall takes us somewhere back to 45 years which is totally unpalatable when we are trying to take our economy towards the 5 trillion economy status. Due to the spread of coronavirus, millions of people lose their jobs, which is directly influenced their demand pattern. After the spread of coronavirus and more than 3 months’ stringent lockdown economy is in a precarious situationAccording to McKinsey report, India should grow at 8 percent per annum to provide the employment to its growing population. Indian economy recorded negative growth and have to walk on tightrope, as per to the official data, Indian economy shrank by 23.9 percent in the second quarter of financial year 2020-21 because of the halting of the various economic activities. Consequently, labour sector further shrank.

Only the farm sector is showing some relief with 3.4 percent of growth while all other sector namely construction (-50 percent), Manufacturing (-47 percent), mining and quarrying recorded the highest falls.

The expenditure incurred in the 2nd quarter of 2020: Gross fixed capital formation decreases by -47.1 percent, inventories fell down by 20.8 percent, export went down by 19.8 percent while the public consumption increase by 16.4 percent as the government announces and implement various relief packages during coronavirus pandemic.

Although the revenue and expenditure both shrank but almost all the expenditures are in positive values while on the revenue side we have all negative values. This indicate that India is in a precarious situation. Economy is moving towards the starving situation. Countries like India, which is already home to the largest number of poor people in the world, get into the grip of extreme poverty because of the undefined steps took by the government.

Low economic growth rate ultimately effects the unorganized workers more than any one. Unorganized sector or marginalized workers contributes more than 85 percent of total labor force, consequently major source of income for this huge part of population. This part of population already fought with the demonetization and GST and spread of corona virus act as a catalyst. All the new investment and the undergoing production work will stop due to the low demand and lack of sufficient funds with the investors thus, again unemployment and hunger will increase among unorganized workers.

Time has come when the government has to take some hard decision about the nation welfare by leaving apart their other agendas. At the time when India need a friendly environment with all our neighboring economies we are on the verge of war. Indian economy need more money to make new investment which we can make only by the exports earning because India is not in a position to borrow more as the economy in already under high debt to GDP ratio.

Here at this point of time when India is under the triple crisis: health crisis, economic crisis and war crisis government should take following steps. Firstly; there is a need for some export-led-growth policy. More export more foreign currency means more chances to start various developmental programs, which ultimately increases the domestic demand and standard of living.

Secondly, government should think about the informal sector. Indian economy is based on unorganized sector especially the small business or we can say the MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). More than 80 percent earnings in India depends on these small enterprises and other allied economic activities, thus government must implement some relief packages for these enterprises which are under the financial crisis due to demonetization and GST and now stringent lockdown 3, 4.Thirdly, there must be a health care infrastructure review. Government should work on healthcare sector so that in near future we can easily tackle down such health problems.


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