Covid-19: Muslims offering help at every front to combat current pandemic in India


New Delhi, Apr 26: As the Covid-19 cases are on rise and patients are not getting proper Oxygen supply, minorities in different parts of India have become active to combat the present Covid-19 crisis.

While highlighting the contribution of Muslims in the ongoing pandemic, Zafarul-Islam Khan, former Chairman, Delhi Minorities Commission tweeted a series of reports along with photographs wherein Muslims can be seen helping people.

“Muslims in MP (Madhya Pradesh) offer Eidgah to set up Covid Care Centre. Muslims in Mandideep, MP, have offered 5-acre Eidgah and one more premises to set up Covid Care Centre. Eidgah can accommodate 100-beds and another place near a graveyard can be used for 60 beds,” Zafarul-Islam Khan as per news agency Kashmir News Trust tweeted along with a news report and photograph.

“A Khudai Khidmatgar volunteer Javed Malik delivering an oxygen cylinder to a patient in the middle of night,” Islam tweeted a photograph showing a Muslim carrying an Oxygen cylinder in the middle of the night.

In another tweet, he writes: “ Minority miracle frontline workers leading battle against Coronavirus in Maharashtra. Concerned citizens started coordinated effort to ensure oxygen supply to patients and requested government backing. Numerous masjids and madrasas (are) used as Isolation Centres.”

Islam has also uploaded a photograph of another well-to-do Muslim saying “Nagpur’s Pyare Khan spends one crore to donate 32 tons of oxygen for Covid victims. Earlier he had fetched a tanker carrying 16 tons of oxygen for his city from Bhilai. He is one of many Muslims in the forefront in the battle against Covid-19.”

“Muslims cremate over 60 Hindu Covid victims. Despite fasting during Ramadhan, Danish Siddiqui and Saddam Quraishi have been performing last rites of Hindu Covid victims in Bhopal since the beginning of the second wave of the pandemic,” (The Awam News)


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