Cyber Fraud in Jammu, Fake Videos leaked and blackmailed


Cyber Fraud in Jammu, Fake Videos Leaked and blackmailed

Jammu : A cyber fraud happened in Jammu on Thursday where a person was blackmailed on a social media platform using fake videos.

According to the victim, he replied to a message on Facebook after he answered a video call and was blackmailed with an edited video.

“I had a pending friend request for three months which I never accepted. Suddenly, I received a message asking for my contact number. I shared it and got a WhatsApp video call. A female without clothes appeared, and I was taken aback.” said the person

“The man on call demanded money. When I refused, he shared a fake edited video with my friends. I informed my social media about it immediately.” He added

The Cyber Crime Investigation Department has constantly been working on such matters, however, the cases continue. Therefore, it is advised to ignore such messages and contact the concerned Department (The Awam News)


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