Cybercrimes Analyst Saleem Choudhary Warns People about Sextortion scams on Social Media


Jammu:- This sextortion scam can happen literally anywhere online – whether it’s a dating website, chat site, chat app, game site or game app, or through Facebook or Instagram directly. They all have one thing in common: the threats almost always involve exposing the sextortion victim through friends / family – usually through Facebook or Instagram. That’s because almost everyone on Earth has a Facebook account (and fewer with an Instagram account).

If you are the target of Facebook sextortion, here is what you should do:

1-Remain calm. Panicking or threatening the perpetrator may make matters worse.
Do not give in to the sextortionist’s demands to send them money.
2-Preserve all communications with the perpetrator, as well as identifying information (such as their Facebook account URL).

3-Maximize all privacy restrictions on your social media accounts and disable all social media accounts you do not regularly use.
4-Report the sextortionist’s account by clicking their cover photo, selecting “Report Profile” and following the on-screen prompts.

5-Report the suspicious activity to the Internet Crimes Center.
Speak with law enforcement or an experienced Internet attorney for guidance.
6-Set up a Google alert to monitor online posts, content, and mentions with your name.

Saleem further States that anyone can fall prey to this scam even an IAS officer, discussing a case he said
A 26-year-old IAS aspirant hanged himself to death after he was allegedly blackmailed by cyber criminals who got acquainted with him on Facebook in Bengaluru.

These demands are typically for money, more intimate images or sexual favours. Blackmailers often target people through dating apps, social media, webcams or adult pornography sites.Remember, it is not your fault. Anyone can experience sextortion, you are not alone and you have not done anything wrong….(The Awam News)


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