Divisional Commissioners to effect transfers of Tehsildars, Naib Tehsildars


Lt Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Manoj Sinha has ordered that the transfers of Tehsildars, Naib Tehsildars and Girdawar will be effected by the concerned Divisional Commissioners.

In partial modification of Government Order No. 810- JK(GAD) of 2020 dated 01.09.2020, it is hereby ordered that the transfer of Tehsildar(s), Naib Tehsildar(s) or Girdawar(s) shall be effected by the Divisional Commissioners concerned, who shall place their services at the disposal of Deputy Commissioners, for further posting within their respective districts.

It is further ordered that all Deputy Commissioners shall be competent to effect transfersJpostings of the Tehsildar(s), Naib Tehsildar(s), Girdawar(s) and Patwari(s), within their respective districts, and also to assign the charge of any such vacant posts, till regular arrangement in respect of such vacant posts is made.

Further, the transfers and postings of Naib Tehsildar(s), Girdawar(s) and Patwari(s) can also be made by the Sub Divisional Magistrates, within their respective jurisdictions, who are also authorized to assign the charge of any such vacant post , till regular arrangement is made.


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