Dr Mehmood took over the charge of Medical Suprintendent Associated Hospital Governmet Medical college Rajouri


Dr Mehmood Hussain Bajar took over the charge of Medical Suprintendent Associated Hospital Governmet Medical college Rajouri today on 23rd April 2021. He has already served the same Hospital twice in the capacity of Medical Suprintendent once as Medical Suprintendent District Hospital Rajouri and 2nd as founder Medical Suprintendent Associated Hospital GMC Rajouri.

He is public health expert with a qualification in Hospital Management and Disaster Management with a more than 10 Years of experience in Hospital Administration. He has also served the Department in different other Administrative capacities i.e Block Medical Officer Darhal, Block Medical Officer Kandi, twice as Block Medical Officer Manjakote.Dr Mehmood is well known for his abilities and profile of good hospital Administrator like competence, knowledge, skills and experience: sensitivity to organizational problems, people’s needs, unrealized potential of staff: ability to analyse, synthesize and integrate diverse information: ability to see ahead and plan accordingly: planing for the future while managing the present: ability to imbibe new and creative ideas, being an agent of change: willingness to take risks so as to get the new ideas accepted and implemented: ability to coordinate, bringing about harmony and collaboration; organising, allocating resources and controlling: ability to delegate, making effective use of his own time and that of others around him: good personal motivation and ability to motivate and develop the people working in the hospital: ability for hard work: ability to introspect and evaluate, making adjustments as necessary: sense of equity, fairness and social justice in all dealings within and outside the hospital: ability to manage stress through patience , a sense of humour, a state of optimism, an ability to withstand unwarranted criticism. Above all he is also a good human being, doctor and clinician.


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