Fir Broke out under suspicious Circumstances in a Car Workshop


JAMMUFire Broke out at Car Workshop in Akhnoor

Akhnoor :-On Sunday, a fire broke out under suspicious circumstances at Jammu Motor, a car workshop located in the Akhnoor area falling under Jammu district. The workshop’s roof, the paint kept there, spare parts and furniture got burnt in the fire. Three fire tenders of the Fire and Emergency Service brought the fire under control after a struggle of about three hours. The incident of fire in the workshop happened on Sunday afternoon. Smoke first came out from the workshop’s roof, and then flames started coming out of it. The people present there immediately informed the Fire and Emergency Service about the fire.

On receiving the information, one fire engine from Gandhi Nagar, City and Canal Road fire station was sent to the spot. Although the fire was soon brought under control, the part of the workshop where the fire broke out continued to seep out of smoke. For this reason, the fire engines were kept there as a precaution. As a result, fire tenders left the spot only after the fire was completely extinguished. Firefighters said that preliminary investigation suggests an electrical short circuit caused the fire.

Due to the severe cold, the power load remains very high. There is a risk of short circuit due to the use of the heater, blower etc. Every day this kind of incident comes to the fore. However, the police are investigating the fire that broke out in Akhnoor’s car workshop. The exact cause of the fire will be known only after the investigation report is received (The Awam News)


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