Heavy India for next 72 hours

ICMR warns India

  • Heavy India for next 72 hours *

* ICMR warns India *

The WHOICMR has said that if the Indians do not improve, India will enter the “third step”, ie community transmission. And if India goes to the third stage or community communication, there could be * 50,000 (fifty thousand) deaths per day in India, because India’s population density is much higher than other countries?

All citizens are requested not to go out at all for 72 to 108 hours no matter what as India may go to the third stage tomorrow, please urge everyone to stay inside.

* If it is deemed appropriate, share this message so that it can be spread all over India *

* There is no place for hospitals in cities, all the information and money are useless!

The only solution is to save yourself

All family members please note: *

* No one should go on an empty stomach *

* Do not fast *

* Get an hour of sunshine every day *

* Do not use AC *

* Drink hot water, keep the throat moist *

* Apply mustard oil in the nose *

* Burn camphor and Google incense in your home * Mix half a teaspoon of dry ginger in each vegetable * * Use cinnamon

* Drink a cup of milk mixed with turmeric at night * Eat a tablespoon of Chavanpras if possible .

* Mix camphor and cloves at home and burn incense *

* Drink a clove in the morning tea *

* Eat only more oranges in the fruit

* Eat amla in any form like pickles, jams, powders etc.

* If you want to beat Corona, do it all

* Turmeric in milk will boost your body’s immunity I urge everyone to share this post as much as possible Thank you


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