Is Rs 500 Notes with Green Strip Close to Mahatma Gandhi’s Photo Fake ? PIB Clarifies



Jammu:- These days social media is full of videos and pictures talking about fake currency and there are many websites and Twitter handles which claim to know the ‘trick’ to identify fake currency notes.

A similar rumour has now gone viral on social media. The new viral video claims that if a Rs 500 note has the green strip near the picture of Mahatma Gandhi then that note is fake. According to the viral video, in ‘real’ notes the green strip is near the signature of the RBI governor.

But PIB has now posted a tweet from its fact-checking handle, PIB Fact Check claiming that it is merely a rumour and both the notes are legally acceptable. The PIB tweet asserted that the viral video is fake.

A video has been posted by PIB Fact Check stating that both the notes are real currency notes(The Awam News)


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