Killing of Poor Nomad By CRPF whose family live in Tent is Condemnable:JKGBYWC


Srinagar; Jammu Kashmir Gujjar-Bakerwals Youth welfare conference condemns innocent killings of Civilians By CRPF as well as Terrorists

JKGBYWC President Zahid Parwaz Choudhary wrote on twitter
“A Gujjar boy Namely Parvez Bokda, from Larnoo, Anantnag, was shot dead by CRPF Cop, & made the excuse that he had not stopped his vehicle, this was his big fault Wah! Killer is identified hang him & provide his family Justice.
Gowdi Media silent now when seen that he was Gujjar”

In another Tweets He said ”
Wailling wife of Nomad Parvez Ahmed & his two little kids who was killed by CRPF Cop, last night in Anantnag, his livelihood was depend on Labour, he was living in a simple tent as yet he has to construct his house.
No outrage, No debates on his killing”

Also Vice President Guftar Ahmed Choudhary wrote on twitter “Guftar Ahmed
Poor Perviaz Ahmed only bread earner of poor nomad family was killed last night by CRPF. What his two kids will do now. Who will earn for them. What his pregnant wife will do. Family has not even house to live. His killing should be probed. #Kashmir #Kashmirkillings”

And Many more Members of JKGBYWC and Other Youth expressed that Innocent killings of Poor Nomad is condemnable , Parvaiz Ahmed, is only Bread earner of his Family, His innocent 2 daughter left behind who one take care them now

Stop innocent killings in Kashmir, One Side Leaders of Ruling Party BJP, said “Gujjar-Bakerwals are real PATRIOTS, ‘Gujjars Hub e Wattan hn'” and other side they are killing them , is totally shameful act of government as well as Force (The Awam News)


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