MD Kashmir Power Discom holds meeting on modernization of Power Systems


Managing Director Kashmir Power DISCOM, KPDCL Mr. Mohammad Aijaz Asad held a detailed session regarding induction of smart electrical equipments to modernise and simplify Power systems. The matter was deliberated upon during a presentation attended by the Chief Engineer Distribution, Chief Engineer Projects and all SEs/Xens of KPDCL.
During the Presentation, given by some technical experts with Domain knowledge the significance and utility of some modern equipments were discussed threadbare like 1) Trip Saver-II which can dramatically improve the way utility responds to 80% of faults by eliminating the momentary outages on the main feeder by only blinking the affected laterals. 2) DO Fuse, which can be customized for different load currents by keeping user defined characteristics. 3)Pulse Closer, which significantly reduces  the amount of force used during fault testing and subsequently lessen momentary outages on the main feeder. This strategy improves reliability, reduces costs and leaves less burden on the system 4) RMUs,  Which can supply power from alternate sources if main source of supply gets failed, thereby providing redundancy to the system.
With induction of Smart equipment the physical patrolling for fault detection will drastically get reduced and can cut fault frequency by around 30% .
At the end, MD KPDCL stressed on the need of for modernisation of Power systems keeping in view the normative framework laid down by the Government. He emphasised that having robust and smart Power Systems can prove useful in improving power reliability during winter season in Kashmir Valley.(The Awam News)


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