Meet Youngest National Rugby player, Martial art player, Ice-stock and Social worker Arooj Malik .


Meet Youngest National Rugby player, Martial art player, Ice-stock and Social worker Arooj Malik .

Arooj malik 20 years old girl, hailing from Eidgah waniyar area of district Srinagar who is a national player of Rugby who represent Kashmir 05times on national lavel, 03 times on state lavel and 04 times on District . Besides a National rugby player She is also martialart player where she has won silver medal in first khelo Kashmir sports event, and she is also a silver medalist of icestock in first khelo India.

During an interview,she said her favourite game is rugby. besides that doing social work for the people of Kashmir . she has also done events in our kashmir Valley about drugs and womens empowerment and today she is working as general secretary of ANTI-DRUG ALLIANCE. As she belongs to very conservative family and society.

she added that I had struggle alot to achieve My goal like in the beginning of my carrier when I starts to come out for playing rugby ,my family specially my dad was not allowing Me to go outside for sports activities but I put all my efforts and abilities in the beginning of my carrier to atleast just achieve a single spark so that my family will be my back and finally when I got selection on district lavel for rugby my family started to supporting and encouraged me.

Its my dream to become an international rugby player so that I can make my nation feel proud and for that I am doing work much hard under the directions of my assiocation coaches who helps me alot to focus and achieve my Goal. If I am playing a rugby game it’s just because of soliha Yousuf who is captain and coach of Jk Rugby Girls.

Being as a sports person I also want to work on women empowerment, serve society& humanity.And I have a short message to our present generation that whatever you want to do in a right way for your carrier &future just go ahead show your abilities there is no doubt in the beginning of your goal you will face hardships and problems but if you show you potential, Nation will help you to reach your destination.
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