Muslim man loses his hand after severe police torture in Bengaluru


22-year-old Salman Khan lost his right arm after being illegally detained and severely tortured in four days of police custody at Varthur police station in Bengaluru. Salman, who hails from Varthur in East Bengaluru, worked at a chicken shop before losing his job in the Kovid crisis. He was allegedly arrested by the police in a case of car battery theft in late October. A fact-finding report states that Salman was arrested from October 27 to 31 at Varthur police station for violating several protocols. He was kept in custody. He was allegedly not even given food and water while in custody. No FIR was registered against her, her family was not informed, she was not produced before a magistrate with 24-hour custody. Against Hate Speech was prepared and prepared by a team of independent advocates. A month after the incident, three police officers for allegedly torturing Salman were suspended. Nagabhushan Gowda HC, Nagraj BN and Shivraj H – two of them constables – were suspended on December 2. Salman, 22, told The Indian Express, “I was taken to Varthur police station where three men attacked me mercilessly. I confessed to stealing three car batteries. They took me to the people I sold the batteries to. I was again brought to the police station and asked to confess to other thefts which I had not committed.” The police intensified the torture after Salman claimed that he refused to confess to his other crimes. Salman said, “I was tied upside down and beaten up badly. For three days three policemen attacked me. He targeted the body part at a time. They beat my right hand and kicked them one after the other. My pleas were ignored.”


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