NC a vibrant public movement, can alone bring the erstwhile state out of the present crisis ; Sajjad Shaheen


NC a vibrant public movement, can alone bring the erstwhile state out of the present crisis ; Sajjad Shaheen

Party paid glowing tributes to Sher-e-Kashmir in Banihal on his 116th birth anniversary;

Banihal; 5th Dec; Asking the people of the State in general and party workers in particular to recall the revolutionary role played by Sher-e- Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah for the welfare of the people, National Conference leader & District President, Ramban Haji Sajjad Shaheen said that we should follow the vision and ideals of the great leader. Shaheen was speaking at a brief function held in connection with the celebration of 116th birth anniversary of Sher -e- Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah at party office Banihal which was attended by prominent functionaries of the party.
Shaheen said that Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was the tallest leader the state who has sacrificed major part of his life to get rid the people of the state from the clutches of poverty.
He said that Sheikh Abdullah’s revolutionary step of handing over Land to the TILLER and introducing free education in the state has no parallels in the annals of the history of the state. Shaheen remembered him as the greatest reformist who lived with a slogan of ‘Hindu-Muslim-Sikh Itehaad’. He said that Sher-e-Kashmir’s contribution towards upliftment of the people in state will be remembered for all times to come.

He said that People of the State are themselves witness to the struggle National Conference has made since its inception for the dignity and honor of the State and its people and its leadership has always preferred public service over personal gains and served the people sincerely and truthfully . Shaheen told the workers that the sacrifices of National Conference and its workers cannot be eclipsed by the propagandist elements maligning NC to seek personal gains.
Cautioning people about the conspiracies being hatched to further usurp the rights of the people of the erstwhile state, Shaheen added that NC is a vibrant public movement which alone can bring the state out of the present crisis.
Shaheen said NC has track record of making supreme sacrifices for the cause of people and has never compromised on the interests of the state.

Similar functions were also held in Ramban and Batote as well and were attended by district and block functionaries of the party.

Prominent among those who attended the meeting in Banihal were Sr Distt Vice President Ramban Mohd Afzal Wani, Saifuddin Dar, Parvez Ahmed Shiekh, Block presidents Haji Abdul Ahad Shan, Riyaz Ahmed Mir, Nisar Ahmed Sohil,Mohd Ashraf Naik, Gulam Rasool Daing, Block secretary Abdul Wahid Mir, Mohd Rafique Khan, Haji Gulam Mohammad Beigh, Abdul Rashid Shiekh, Mohd Anwar Naik, Haji Alif Din besides others.


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