Parents urge LG admin to reopen schools for primary middle classes in J&K


Parents urge LG admin to reopen schools for primary, middle classes in J&K

Say online learning has affected health and mental wellbeing of their children

Srinagar, Oct 15: Parents on Friday urged the LG administration to reopen schools for primary and middle classes in Jammu and Kashmir as life has been back to normal and almost every sector is functioning normally.

Parents while talking to The Awam News, expressed their concern about the closure of primary and middle schools.

They said that the administration should devise a mechanism to reopen schools for these classes as the future of their children is at stake.

Even though after a gap of 18 months, the government recently allowed reopening of higher educational institutions and schools for classes 10 and 12 with Covid-19 guidelines in place, however, schools for primary and middle classes continue to remain closed.

The parents said that they will sensitise their children about Covid-19 SOPs, but the government must devise some mechanism so that schools are reopened for these classes.

“No doubt the pandemic is highly infectious but administration cannot wait for cases to go to zero level and the reopening schools cannot wait for a longer period now as it is affecting the education and wellbeing of the future generation,” they said.

They said that they worried about the future of their children as it has been for about two years that the kids in the valley haven’t attended offline classes.

“Attending hour long classes and preparing for exams through online modes have affected the eyesight of many children. Many states in the country recently have reopened the primary schools with proper guidelines to be followed. The children who are the future of our society have every right to go to school and to learn which is crucial for their overall development, safety and well being,” the aggrieved parents said.

They expressed their concern over the matter and urged the administration in J&K to devise a proper mechanism for reopening of the primary schools as well. (The Awam News)


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