Police In Swift Action Saved A Life In Mendhar


Mohammad Rafi/The Awam News,

Mendhar May 24 : A video was viral on social media where a person loudly said that he was going to end his life.Police Identified that person as Slamat Ali S/o Mohd Sadiq through thier sources as a resident of Paghyote kasbalri of Tehsil Mendhar and immediately a polce party rushed to his house where family members of that person clarified that he left his house in the morning on a motor cycle.After that SDPO Mendhar Z.A.Jafri shared his photo among police personals and directed SHOs and I/C PPs to established nakas at different points to apprehend that person .After an effective checking of police that person was apprehended at naka established at Harmutta Gursai.
He was handedover to his parents and relatives who were bound down not to induldge in any provocative action which will again compel him to do such a harsh step .
People of area in general and his relatives in particular appreciated police and thanked SSP Poonch Sh Vinod Kumar -IPS for his timely directions to Mendhar police to save a human life.(The Awam News)


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