School building without roof , 400 children study under open sky in Rajouri


Rajouri: School building has no roof, 400 children study under open sky

Rajouri,22 Dec :-A building of a Higher Secondary School at Panj Grian here is without a roof, and the children attend classes under the open sky.
Students said that the schools have opened after almost two years, but their school building is in shambles. In addition, they noted that the chilling cold adds to their woes during winters and rains; all the students have to gather in a single room like cattle.
Teachers said that the school in question is situated on Forest Land and the issue of giving the land to the Education Department was raised before the higher authorities but all in vain.
They said that more than 400 students study in the school, but due to flimsy infrastructure, the education of the students is at stake. They said that Rs 80 Lakh, Rs 16 Lakhs was released, but it got lapsed.

When contacted, incharge CEO Rajouri Abdul Majid said that he would take up the matter with the Planning Department to get the plan of the building approved.
He stated that the funds of the Education Department had been spent on the building, and nobody could snatch the land and school infrastructure (The Awam News)


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