Second Covid wave: J&K may see 4000 cases a day by end of this month


Srinagar: Going by the present trend, Jammu and Kashmir may see over 4,000 COVID 19 cases a day by the end of this month with travelers being the primary reason for the meteoric rise in the number of infections.
Data reveals that in the last two weeks, the number of cases has risen by 300 percent in Jammu and Kashmir. On April 6, J&K recorded 561 cases which shot up to 1526 on April 18.

Even if the current trends continue (and not become worse), J&K will see around 4,000 daily infections by the end of this month, which may even double up by May end.
The erstwhile state clocked 8,302 cases in the last one week of which 1,937 (23%) are travelers.
Doctors are extremely concerned by this trend and suggest that the authorities should ensure strict screening and isolation of the travelers who test positive for the virus.
Head, Infectious Diseases unit, SKIMS, Dr. Aijaz Nabi Koul said the pace of infection in Jammu and Kashmir has been alarming when compared to the last year.

“We are witnessing a very fast transmission of infection (double mutant of an Indian variety of Covid) and the pace is similar to that of other states. May be our population is less, but we follow the same shadow. The graph is vertically upwards as the cases increased from minimum to more than 1500 in just first two weeks of April,” he said.
Dr. Koul said travelers contribute to the increase in the COVID-19 cases in Kashmir. He batted for proper screening to contain the spreadof the highly contagious virus.
“Most of the patients are having a travel history from New Delhi, Maharashtra, and other states. The variant is not the same as last year and the next few weeks are important. A multi -prolonged strategy has to be framed with a focus on rigorous tracing, isolation of positive patients, and making use of masks (tight-fitting mask or double mask) imperative,” he said.
President, Doctors Association of Kashmir, Dr. Suhail Naik said the virus could affect more than 5000 people in the next three weeks if not controlled with covid appropriate behavior.

“The situation is alarming as we are witnessing a dramatic increase in the number of COVID-19 patients. If Covid appropriate behavior is not adopted we may see more than 2000 cases on daily basis in the coming week, which ultimately may go up to 5000 cases in the next three weeks. It will overburden hospitals and deaths too may go up in two digits,” he said.
Dr. Naik said the government needs to enforce guidelines strictly to contain COVID-19 in Jammu and Kashmir. “It depends on how the administration enforces Covid guidelines and people’s appropriate behavior. The administration has to control the crisis in the community, otherwise, the situation will be unfortunate,” he said.(The Awam News)


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