Selective eviction of Gujjar-Bakerwals in Palora, Jammu is Shameful & Condemnable :JKGB⁩YWC


Selective eviction of Gujjar Bakarwals in Palora, Jammu, is Shamefull & condemnable.

Demands compensation & rehabilitation of families & if Selective eviction not stop JKGBYWC, team will Launch State wide stir: Adv Akram Choudhary.

Srinagar: The incident yestetday happened in Palora area of Jammu, where three dozens of houses of Gujjar Bakerwals were demolished, their Property was vandalized & rendered them homeless by JDA, while reacting over the issue Mohd Akram Advocate, a noted social activist & “State General Secretary, of J&K Gujjar Bakarwal Youth Welfare Conferance ” have strongly condemned it & said its barbarism, brutality & shamefull act of JDA.
He while adding said that people are living there since 1947, over the land Khasra Number 1193, & today to make them homeless by buldozing & razing down their 90 years old houses become no justification he said its an Harasment of Gujjar Bakerwals in the name of anti encroachment drive.

He construe it with the imperiousness & despotism of JDA, nothing more than this as if So called JDA is serious to make free encroachments then it should be started from top level but to target the poor & Nomad Gujjar Bakerwals reveals that JDA only doing drama & attempts are being made to hide corruption & plunder they made from big Aakas, but by making the harassment of these Cattle breeders you cant hide yours loot, plunder & corrupt practices & you have to give its reply to public.

He while adding said that the affected Protestors themself briefed media that they are having possession over the said land since 1947, and they are having Sehat Kasht ( revenue document) of 1988 but all of sudden JDA started asserting ownership and started forcefull eviction of them without serving notice to them reveals that the said agency taking wrong benefit of their Voicelesness.

Adv Akram Ch also partcipated in a Protest demonstration at Ploura, where large number of Gujjar Bakerwals of area gathered to hold demonstration against the move of JDA, he termed it as it was mere a small show against the insane act of JDA, the mass stir is yet held as if Government fail to address the demands of rehabilitation of people, compensation & all the next Hall Bole will be with live stock also while condemning the attitude of JDA ,

He has Warned of the serious consequences to the present dispensation that if the Govt is serious in the welfare of Tribals and also strongly beleives in development of all together ( sab ka sath sab ka vikas) then this selective evictions should be stoped forthwith.

As on the one hand tall claims are being made by the Central Government, with respect to implementation of the Forest Right Act, & empowerment of Gujjar Bakerwals and same on other hand Evictions & snatching of their rights activities are continue which is very unfortunate & contradicts with the slogans of Sab Ka Sath & Vikas, he added.

Its Ironic that no prior notice was served to them despite having knowledge of chill weather and covid – 19 threat and moreover if the case regarding the land is pending for adjudication before Honb’le court and court had granted status quo in this regard, then what force JDA to dislodgem them from their lands, vandalise their property & its matter of great concern that JDA officials didn’t think & realise once where poor families will go alongwith livestock and little children.

He also Expressed disappointment over Gujjar Bakarwal leaders for their criminal silence over the issue and warn them if they do not come out in support of people do not condemn the JDA act, community would start a campaign against them for their bad attitude.

In a Statment issued here Akram Choudhary, demanded immediate compensation & rehabilitation of families & if Govt would failed to do so they would not feel hesitation to start a State wide stir he warned.(The Awam News)


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