SWD takes note of RJ’s humiliation to specially-abled person


Srinagar : Social welfare department (SWD) has taken note of complaints against Srinagar-based radio jockey (RJ) of Red FM Rayees Mohiuddin, who mocked a specially-abled person in a prank video in his radio show.

District Social Welfare Officer Ashraf Akhoon told that they have taken the issue with concerned authority under Rights of person with disabilities Act.

As per the Act, under different sections, “we have taken the issue with the concerned officials and they will forward the complaint to the local magistrate for taking the cognizance”.
The move follows a day after Kashmir Reader reported two complaints from specially-abled persons against the RJ have not be addressed so far. The complaints sent by rights disability activist Javed Tak who is also Chairperson humanity welfare organisation HELPLINE NGO were addressed to secretary social welfare and directorate of information and public relations.
The video of the prank has drawn strong outrage across the Valley with social media splashed with condemnations.

Mohiuddin, who is a well-known radio presenter and mimicry artist, can be heard in the audio talking to a delivery executive on phone along with a female, the two of them pretending to be husband and wife. As the female starts to talk about the delivery of her parcel, insisting to the delivery executive to deliver it secretly, Mohiuddin pops into the call and begins making fun of the delivery executive for the nasal tone of his voice.

“Che chukhi pipe manz kath karan (Are you talking through a pipe)”, Mohiuddin said with disdain, to which the delivery executive, whose name is Umar, replies in a very sober tone, “Bi haz chus yethuy (I am like this since the beginning)”.

Later, in the ten-minute conversation, Mohiuddin goes on to disparage the delivery executive again, saying “your voice still comes out of the pipe” while terming the tone his voice similar to that of a sheep. As the delivery executive continues to reply in a good manner, the radio presenter keeps shouting at him loudly.

Throughout the conversation, the radio presenter is adamant over receiving the parcel at his home. As the drama continues over the delivery of parcel, with Mohiuddin joining the call periodically and interrupting his pretence wife during the phone call, the delivery executive is unable to respond well, at which Mohiuddin shouts at him, “I’ll throw the parcel along with you out of my home.”(The Awam News)


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