The District Development Council (DDC) POWERS and Functionings underJammu and Kashmir Panchayati Raj Rule, 1996 of the constitution of India…


    1) DDC has to formulate, prepare, approve Annual plan or capital expenditure for respective districts.

    2)DDC now enjoy the power to organize general meetings after every three months designed to suggest a new plan or to process pending plans.

    3)DDC has to supervise the activities of gram panchayats, Block Development Council and panchayat samiti in its own jurisdiction at district-level.

    4) DDC has to utilize the development aid or government funds for the development of an entire district.

    5) DDC has to implement the schemes sponsored by the Government of India.

    6) DDC has to receive the District Development plans compiled and formulated by the Block Development Council and submit it to the District Planning Committee “for adherence to the government guidelines, norms and rules.

    7) DDC has to manage the functioning of Halqa Panchayats and block development councils.

    8)DDC works jointly with District Planning Committee (DPC) and Block Development Council from each district.

    9) DDC have to supervises, implement, sponsor and prepare for five main fields such as welfare, health, education, finance, public works and development intended to ensure the community development of a representing District.


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