The Mind Behind The Success of Awaz E Pir Panjal Media Venture:CEO Imran Akram


All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” – Michael John Bobak

In the age of uncertainty, you seldom see a relatable example of the success that compels you to work for the same. Humble beginnings do not guarantee humble endings, and it is just the mindset that plays a pivotal role between success and failure. A relatable example of success emanating from humble beginnings is Mr. Imran Akram , CEO of Awaz E Pir Panjal Media Venture, a dominant player in the digital marketing industry. His company is adept at eliminating your digital marketing woes and putting you in the spotlight on the digital spectrum.Mr.Imran Akram is very vocal about his success story. He says, “The only thing between you and your success is the grit to make it happen. I craved success from the start and was willing to put in the efforts to achieve it, no matter the paramount challenges that got in my way. Digital Marketing is the mutation from traditional marketing which will exist for the foreseeable future. I thought it was wise to build a career in something that would not wither and become obsolete over time. I have no desire to rest as every wasted second in digital marketing allows a competitor to sprung past you.”The Mind Behind The Success of Awaz

Awaz E Pir Panjal Media Venture might appear a disruptive force in the digital marketing industry, but it wasn’t the same if you go back a few years. The man behind the company, Mr. Imran Akram , started with nothing but dreams and an urge to succeed in life. His journey from his solemn hometown Rajouri to entire Jammu and Kashmir was a difficult transition. He toiled for years to learn digital marketing nuances, its emerging trends and worked with many agencies before launching his venture.

He says, The Mind Behind The Success of Awaz “The internet is becoming increasingly convoluted for businesses to perceive and maintain their presence on asking about the need for digital marketing services. Digital marketing services are needed to gain a successful lead among your competitors. You may have all the resources and technical prowess in the world but without a digital marketing campaign, you are just another website or business with some information to share. Verd media understands the changing trends that occur with the search engines and curates a reliable strategy according to it. I have worked with high profile clients and with my experience, I can assure you that every business, no matter how small or big, needs a virtual presence now.”


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