Woman dies , Six Other Family Members Hospitalized due to suffocation in Rajouri


Woman dies, six other family members hospitalized due to suffocation

Rajouri:- An elderly woman died allegedly of suffocation after burning charcoal in her room at night in Potha village of district Rajouri. At the same time, six other family members were admitted to a hospital.

This incident happened on Friday night. The family members of 57-year-old Pritam Singh lit wooden coals at night to avoid the severe cold. While sleeping at night, the family members inhaled poisonous gases from the coals that burnt inside the house and fell unconscious. In the morning, when not a single member of the family came out, the people living nearby reached his home to seek his well being.

Even after knocking on the door for a long time, when they did not open the room door, people forcibly opened it and saw that all the family members were lying unconscious. Seeing the fire in the room, he understood that he had fainted after breathing in the poisonous gas. People of people took everyone to Kalakot Hospital. Doctors started their treatment but saw their critical condition; they were shifted to sub-district hospital Sunderbani after doctors gave first aid.

Police said that the older woman of the family succumbed to her injuries during treatment while six other family members were referred from there to GMC Jammu. The deceased woman has been identified as Durgai Devi (80) wife, Kartar Singh. On the other hand, other members of the family admitted to GMC Jammu have been identified as Pritam Singh (57), son Kartar Singh, Neelam Devi (50) wife Pritam Singh, Roshi Devi (18), daughter Pritam Singh, Jasbir Kumar (11) son Pritam Singh, Palki Devi ( 9) Daughter Pritam Singh is born as Raghav Singh (4) Son Pritam Singh, (The Awam News)


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